So... being in the USA, I wasn't even *aware* of the Plymouth shooting (we have one here about every week; it's background noise) and I had to look it up.

Articles like this one from Devon Live strike me as wildly sensationalist: https://www.devonlive.com/news/devon-news/plymouth-shooting-incel-culture-staggering-5828041

It is my opinion that somebody who kills his own mother, four other random people, and then himself, has more serious issues than being an "incel" -- the whole thing strikes me as a case of wild blame-shifting. I do not by any means endorse the murderous activities of these mentally ill people, but I do think it is worthwhile to attempt to understand why they do what do.

To be blunt, and perhaps politically incorrect, global neoliberal capitalism has given at least two generations of young men very little hope for their future. The mentally stable ones resign themselves to lives of drudgery and depression. The ones who are teetering on the brink of mental stability wind up doing things like this.

We've been getting the not-so-subtle message for at least 30 years -- "Be born into the elite, get into the elite by hook or by crook, or get fucked." If you're born in the Islamic world, at least you have an ideology and you can be a suicide bomber. If you're Jake Davison, you can shoot up Plymouth.

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Agree with all that, yep

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yes, I agree that people like Rogan and Peterson are often derided (even though they are different) but they also provide some good down to earth advice for young men. I don't share Peterson's distrust of Marxists (genuine ones) or very left people (I am more of a conflict with liberal righteous.) but he has been a therapist, he does have an understanding of some interpersonal issues.. Rogan and Peterson are still preferable to some incel advice that some men might be getting on internet.

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